McCain's NCAA Brackets

Here's one reason we're happy that Sen. John McCain stuck it out in the presidential race: He has a great NCAA tourney bracket contest. Now the probable GOP nominee, McCain is set to announce his picks on Thursday and wants us to pick ours, too. Better yet, we get to play against McCain. My team, the George Washington University Colonials, didn't make it. Still, we're suckers for a Cinderella team, and we've got a handful in the Washington area we're gonna root for: George Mason University, which recently made it to the Final Four, and two teams that have never been to the tourney before, American University and the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Everybody else might be with Georgetown, but we'll go for the upset. Now we did check in with the expert on all of this, Democratic consultant James Carville, who cohosts XM Radio's 60/20 show. He figures Kansas is the team to beat and expects that Bill Clinton, who'll be on his show Friday, will go with his faves of Georgetown and UCLA.

By Paul Bedard