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McCain's Money Deficit

On the heels of the weekend revelation that Barack Obama's campaign had raised an astounding $150 million in the month of September, John McCain's campaign filing shows that he entered the month of October with just $47 million to spend for the duration of the election.

Because he is taking federal funding for his general election campaign, McCain is not raising any more money for his effort, relying instead on the $84 million provided in federal funds. The report shows that McCain's campaign has spent about $22 million on television ads through the end of September, according to the AP. The RNC can spend up to $19 million in coordinated activities with the campaign and the national party raised about $66 million in September.

In a conference call with reporters today, McCain's campaign manager Rick Davis questioned the transparency with which the Obama campaign has detailed its fund-raising efforts and challenged them to put all their donor information online. Davis acknowledged the impressive fund-raising of Obama but said the McCain campaign has enough resources to compete and win.

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