McCain's "Journey To Freedom"

John McCain has a new Web video out today to mark the 35th anniversary of his release from a North Vietnamese prisoner of war camp on March 15, 1973. In the video, fellow POW's describe their shared experience both during and after the war. McCain is featured speaking very little, saying at the end of the video that "the only reason why I am here today is because I believe that a higher being has a mission for me in my life." Watch it:

The campaign also sent out an email from former POW's who are supporting McCain, which reads in part: "Our convictions about John's character were born in the crucible of adversity. We have witnessed his courage, integrity, character and intellect. We know and respect his sense of honor and his tenacity in the face of grave danger and prolonged hardship. These qualities, combined with his life experiences, make John ready for the enormous challenges facing the leader of our country. No one -- no one -- is more qualified to be president, to lead our country, to protect our nation and our children and grandchildren. We know him. We know his strengths, his love of country and his commitment to serve it. He has been severely tested, and we have witnessed him under pressure. We trust his judgment and his ability to lead our country in these difficult times."