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McCain Wraps Up Ohio Trek, Heads to D.C.

From CBS News' Jamie Farnsworth:

(CLEVELAND, Ohio) John McCain heads to Washington, D.C. tonight after a two day trek through battleground Ohio. McCain wasted no time while in the state, holding town hall meetings in person and over the phone today as well as touring a General Motors plant and attending two fund-raisers. If that wasn't enough, he also entertained the press aboard the Straight Talk Express.

On the campaign bus the conversation centered around Barack Obama. McCain fielded questions on his joint town hall proposals, saying the possibility of one seems "very very unlikely." He was also asked if he believes Obama is an elitist, as Karl Rove has asserted.

"I respect and admire Senator Obama, and if I have ever treated him in a disrespectful way I don't know of it," McCain said. "More importantly as the campaigning goes forward, I will treat him with respect that the nominee of the party has earned. And Americans want a respectful debate. They don't want us to finger point and question each other's character and integrity."

On a lighter note, making its way around the internet and even onto the cable networks is a video submitted for Stephen Colbert's "Project 'Make McCain Exciting' Green Screen Challenge." The challenge is for viewers to take excerpts from McCain and make their own video.

This one, a spoof of Madonna's "Vogue" video, is by far the favorite among the press corps.

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