McCain Visits Mississippi Childrens' Shelter

From CBS News' Dante Higgins:

John McCain continued on his "Service to America" tour by stopping by the Hope Village for Children in Meridian, Miss., a group home and shelter for about 40 children from birth to eighteen years of age who are victims of abuse, neglect or abandonment.

Because the children are in the custody of government care, John McCain met with Hope Village children in their homes with no cameras allowed. They showed McCain awards they've received and he spoke with them about going to college.

He gave special mention to an honor roll student he met today whose has been at Hope Village for 5 years saying, "We just had a young lady here Tiffany who is ready to enter college this summer and we're proud of her," McCain said.

Meantime, McCain's mom, Roberta, stole the show at this event. One of Roberta McCain's fans was Hope Village resident and spokesperson of the day, Zakia. "It's a great experience and I've never had anything like this and I really appreciate your coming," Zakia said to her visitors.

"Zakia's going with me or I'm staying here," Mrs. McCain joked after Zakia asked for one last hug and picture.

Hope Village comptroller Terri Province said, "I very much enjoyed her. She was very personable and very encouraging to our children."

"We've had a great visit and this is the kind of thing that service to America is all about. Caring for those who face challenges and meet those challenges with the help of a loving and caring environment that's created here at Hope Village. That's the future of our country and the obligation we have to care for those who are deprived early in life of the opportunities that all Americans deserve and give them a chance to catch up," McCain said.