McCain To Lead Delegation To Europe, Middle East

As the Democrats gear up for the next round in their seemingly endless heavyweight bout, John McCain is heading far away from the next voting states of Wyoming and Mississippi. Jonathan Martin at The Politico reports that McCain is set to embark on a ten-day stint abroad, leading a congressional delegation through Europe and The Middle East.

There has been much debate about whether the drawn-out battle between Obama and Clinton benefits or hurts the Democratic Party. But McCain has certainly been taking advantage of having had the GOP nomination effectively locked up for nearly a month.

The Arizona senator, who is known for the kind of tireless campaigning that got him back into the race after many had left him for dead, has spent time off the trail recharging his batteries in a way that has to make Obama and Clinton envious.

Now that McCain has the nomination officially in hand, he has the luxury of spending a week-and-a-half highlighting his foreign policy qualifications—perhaps his greatest asset—while the Democrats continue to spend millions of dollars and countless hours trying to outlast one another.

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