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McCain To Campaign In Las Vegas

From CBS News' Jamie Farnsworth:

(LAS VEGAS) The sun creeps over the mountaintops outlining the infamous Vegas Strip where only a few hours ago Sen. John McCain's campaign touched down. The senator kicks off his morning with a speech focused on energy, a theme the campaign has been spending time on lately.

Just yesterday, presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama visited Sin City to push his own energy policy where he criticized McCain's energy plan, calling it a "gimmick." McCain hit back from Santa Barbara saying, "We have to embark on a mission that all Americans are apart of. Senator Obama has said basically no to all of -- or a majority of the proposals that have been made, not just by me, but others."

Following his energy speech, McCain will attend two fundraisers and this afternoon will attend the opening of his 2008 Las Vegas Head Quarters office.

In a city famous for gambling and flashing lights, today seems to be just a regular stop on the campaign trail.

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