McCain to Biden: What's the Rush?

From CBS News' Dante Higgins

MIAMI -- Speaking to reporters this afternoon, John McCain responded to Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden's call for an independent counsel to investigate the CIA's destruction of interrogation videotapes of two suspected terrorists.

He told reporters he wanted to give the newly appointed attorney general, Michael Mukasey, a chance to do his job.

"We just confirmed Attorney General Mukasey. We did that and gave him the responsibility to carry out those duties and the authority to do it. So I'd certainly like to give him a chance to look at this as he is doing and see what he concludes. If you vote to confirm a guy to carry out those duties then why immediately would you have to appoint some independent to do it?"

Interestingly, neither McCain nor Biden voted on Mukasey's Nov. 8 confirmation, as they both were away from Capitol Hill on the campaign trail.