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McCain Strategists Remain Upbeat Despite Polls

From CBS News' John Bentley:

(MIAMI) – As poll numbers show the route to 270 electoral votes becoming harder for John McCain, his campaign has taken the double-barreled attack of sending out a memo from their internal pollster and dispatching political director Mike DuHaime to talk to the press about their path to victory.

"He's got the best political environment for a Democrat at least in probably 30 years, maybe in almost 80 years," DuHaime said about Barack Obama.

"You've got tremendous personal popularity. When you look at that, look at all these battleground states we're talking about, most of them right now are within the margin of error."

The memo from McCain pollster Bill McInturff is also upbeat, saying that the campaign has made "impressive strides" in the battlegrounds over the past week, and that his polling indicates that most battleground voters view Obama as "the most liberal nominee in modern times," which McInturff says is eroding Obama's support in some states.

Here in Florida, McCain will be making the argument later today, as he has for the past few weeks, that Obama wants to "spread the wealth around." The campaign is hoping that their relentless attacks on Obama's tax policies will help him in this crucial swing state, where he'll be holding two rallies and a national security roundtable meeting.

"This race is very close going down to the wire," DuHaime said. "The deal's not done yet. That makes me very optimistic about where we are."

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