McCain Reflects During Visit to His Alma Mater

From CBS News' Dante Higgins:

As John McCain continues his biographical tour today, he's expected to refer to his infamous temper, saying he occasionally forgets "the discretion expected of a person of my years."

In his prepared remarks to be delivered at his alma mater, Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Va., McCain says, "As a young man, I would respond aggressively and sometimes irresponsibly to anyone whom I perceived to have questioned my sense of honor and self-respect. Those responses often got me in a fair amount of trouble earlier in life. In all candor, as an adult I've been known to forget occasionally the discretion expected of a person of my years and station when I believe I've been accorded a lack of respect I did not deserve. Self-improvement should be a work in progress all our lives, and I confess to needing it as much as anyone."

On day two of his biographical tour, he will hold a town hall meeting and pay tribute to the English teacher who helped shape his life.

"There was one friendship that enriched my life at EHS beyond measure. Were William B. Ravenel the only person I remembered from Episcopal, I would credit those days among the best in my life. His influence in my life was more important and more benevolent than that of any person outside my family," McCain will say.

"I doubt I will ever meet another person who had the impact on my life that my English teacher at Episcopal High School did. But I know there are many Americans who should teach and could influence children as beneficially as he did me. All children should have a teacher like I had, who they remember when they have children and grandchildren as one of the most fortunate relationships in their lives."

He'll talk about Ravenel's impact on him and turn it into a discussion of his own proposals for today's education system.

"In remembering the imprint his teacher made on him, John McCain looks to a future of competitive school systems- with teachers rewarded accordingly- that best meet children's needs, so all children are given the opportunity to thrive."said Andrea Saul, McCain spokesperson.

After the town hall meeting today, McCain will head to New York City to tape an interview with David Letterman that will air tonight.