McCain Receives Some Straight Talk From the Audience

From CBS News' Clifden Kennedy:

Sen. John McCain got a bit of straight talk of his own today -- from a volunteer who says his staff in New Hampshire isn't up to snuff.

During the Q&A portion at a town hall meeting in Rochester, N.H., a woman with a thick New England accent declared, "I am a die hard Yankee, and I am a straight talker."

McCain jokingly said, "I could never tell by your accent."

The woman continued, "it is a statement about a lot of your campaign staff members, and I will tell you right now, I know I am going to be right on top of their sh*t list."

McCain, sheepishly smiling , "ssshhhhh."

The woman then revealed that she is a volunteer for his campaign, and wasn't too happy with some of his paid staff. Pointing out another couple of volunteers next to her, she said, "they have done more work for you volunteering than a lot of your paid staff have. I have had problems with a lot of your paid staff."

"A lot of them are on work release programs, as you know, so..." McCain joked.

"You know all your signs that are up today, they were put up by us, not your staff," she continued, "you've got to make some changes."

"We're going to put you in charge," McCain continued.

"We will have our folks sit down and chat with you about what needs to be fixed in your mind and your view and let me just say again I am very aware. I am very aware that the only way that campaigns succeed and certainly the only way every one of mine has is through volunteers and I am extremely grateful and I thank you."