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McCain, Palin Head To Battlegrounds Ohio, Pennsylvania

From CBS News' John Bentley:

(NASHVILLE, TENN.) – John McCain and Sarah Palin hit the campaign trail together today with two rallies in the swing states of Pennsylvania and Ohio. The two swing states have 41 electoral votes between them, but McCain's chances in Pennsylvania have gone down somewhat since his last visit to the Keystone State two weeks ago.

Back then, the Republican ticket was neck-and-neck with Barack Obama and Joe Biden, but some statewide polls show Obama opening up a double digit lead there. The news is better for McCain in Ohio, where polls remain tight.

The struggling economy has been widely blamed for McCain's sinking poll numbers. This morning, he released a statement endorsing the administration's move to cut interest rates by half a percentage point, in conjunction with other banks around the world.

"I applaud the move by the Open Market Committee of the Federal Reserve and other national monetary authorities to reduce interest rates to address the financial crisis spreading across the globe," McCain said. "It is imperative at this moment that government be responsive to the needs of Americans, restore confidence in our financial system, provide assistance to struggling homeowners, and implement pro-growth policies that will create jobs and provide a foundation for a more prosperous future."

After last night's debate where both candidates were sharply critical of each other, look for McCain and Palin to stay on the offensive with an early afternoon rally in Bethlehem, Pa., followed by an evening event in Strongsville, Ohio.

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