McCain, Obama Grilled On Issues

McCain Would Tap Cuomo For SEC; Obama Would Tackle Iraq First

As Election Day nears and the presidential candidates prepare for their first debate this coming Friday, a special 40th anniversary broadcast of 60 Minutes presents a revealing side-by-side look at the candidates and their positions.

The candidates were interviewed within a 24 hour period - Sen. Barack Obama in Nevada on Wednesday, Sept. 17, and Sen. John McCain in Wisconsin on Thursday afternoon.

Steve Kroft interviews Obama and Scott Pelley interviews McCain, both of whom have been covering the candidates for over a year.

  • Candidate McCain

  • (CBS)
    Speaking to correspondent Scott Pelley, Sen. McCain talks about the current Wall Street crisis, names a surprising choice he'd like to see head the Securities and Exchange Commission, discusses his proposed tax cut and budgets cuts, mentions his disapproval of a political office in the White House, and points out differences between himself and President George W. Bush. He also opens up about his faith, and talks about his "rebellious" time as a young man. Watch/Read the interview.

  • Candidate Obama

  • (CBS)
    Sen. Obama, speaking to correspondent Steve Kroft in Elko, Nev., talks about the economy, health care, his list of top priorities should he be elected, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the threat of a nuclear Iran. He also addresses questions about his experience, and talks about how race is impacting - or could impact - this election. Watch/Read the interview.