McCain Needs to Finish Christmas Shopping

From CBS News' Dante Higgins:

PELHAM, N.H. -– Speaking to reporters at Pelham High School, Senator John McCain gave some straight talk on push polling, his need to win the New Hampshire primary and on Christmas shopping.

He called on Mike Huckabee to urge the push poll calls allegedly being made on his behalf in New Hampshire to stop.

"We think that's a violation of New Hampshire law and certainly think it's a violation of the spirit of the campaign. Gov. Huckabee has been waging, I'm told this is an "independent" campaign. I hope he would do what I did when that thing happened with supporters of mine…and that is that he urge them personally to stop that kind of campaigning. It's not right for New Hampshire and it's not right for America."

"I'm going to be campaigning pretty heavily here, lots of town hall meetings and stop-bys at stores, so I can get the support of the New Hampshire voters…and I have to do well here," McCain said.

And on the very important topic of Christmas shopping the Senator was asked what he bought for his wife, Cindy McCain this season. He admitted that he hadn't gotten her anything yet, but listed presents he'd given her in the past.

"One Christmas I gave her a rain gauge and she was very appreciative of that. I've also given her useful tools like a barbeque and she really appreciated that but I'll try to find something appropriate for her and the kids," he said.