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McCain Memo: Paint Obama As "Job Killing Machine"

The Huffington Post is reporting today on what is apparently a leaked memo from the McCain campaign on how the campaign wants to characterize McCain and rival Barack Obama on economic issues.

The memo, as reported by Huffington Post, says that there is an opportunity to define what the candidates might do to fix the economy because "polling tells us that Americans are still not tuned into" the issue.

It recomends the McCain camp portray Obama as a tax-raising "job killing machine" who is "aligned with trial lawyers" and "unions (card check, trade, education reform)."

The memo, authored by Bush White House veteran Taylor Griffin, says McCain should be cast as a bold economic leader who takes on special interests, "fight[s] speculation driving up prices of oil and food," and battles "the lawsuit culture."

"People must understand that John McCain is not only thinking of their future, but their children's futures as well," the memo says.

The memo outlines how McCain should get his message across through events like "family budget roundtables, grocery store visits," and "roundtable events heavily tilted towards women to discuss the pressures the economy is placing on family finances and how McCain's plan would help."

It also gets into media strategy, arguing the campaign should "provide compelling set of programming and surrogate activity to drive media interest," and "mobilize economists in target states supporting the McCain plan to engage the media in support of our plan."