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McCain May Hold Large Rally In Ohio Day After Obama Accepts Nomination

PolitickerOH is reporting that "John McCain will hold a 10,000-strong rally in Ohio the day after Barack Obama accepts his party's nomination in Denver."

The McCain campaign isn't confirming the report, which grew out of a post Hamilton County Republican Party chair Alex M. Triantafilou's blog saying this: "Sen. McCain is expected to host a rally on August 29 in Dayton and is looking for a BIG venue and for a BIG crowd. He'll get it. This is not yet public. I guess I just made it so."

As CBS News chief political consultant Marc Ambinder notes, that line has since disappeared from the site. (Wonders Ambinder: "Who put the smackdown on the chairman?")

Politicker and The Cleveland Plain Dealer spoke to sources who (anonymously) confirm the planned rally. And as the latter suggests, political watchers are looking at the event as the scene of a possible unveiling of McCain's vice presidential choice:

McCain is expected at a noontime rally in Dayton on Aug. 29, right after the Democratic convention ends. That's a Friday, preceding the weekend when Republicans will converge on St. Paul, Minn., for the GOP convention. It also is a date that -- if you're prone to speculating -- could be ideal for announcing a McCain running mate.