McCain Jabs Obama at Sheriffs' Conference

From CBS News' John Bentley:

(INDIANAPOLIS) Taking the opportunity to criticize both a recent Supreme Court decision and his opponent, John McCain called the high court's decision last week to ban the death penalty for child rapists "overreaching," and a template for the kind of justices Barack Obama would pick for the Court.

"It's a peculiar kind of moral evolution that disregards the democratic process, and inures solely to the benefit of child rapists. It was such a jarring decision from the Court that my opponent, Sen. Obama, immediately and to his credit expressed his disagreement," McCain said. "My opponent may not care for this particular decision, but it was exactly the kind of opinion we could expect from an Obama Court."

Speaking at the National Sheriffs' Association's annual conference, McCain said the most important decision a president can make to assist law enforcement is appointing strict constructionist judges.

"When a serious crime is investigated, prosecuted, and punished, it takes many hours and the best efforts of police, trial courts, and juries," McCain said. "Yet one badly reasoned opinion, by one overreaching judge, can undo it all. Just like that, evidence of guilt can be suppressed, or a dangerous predator released because of judge-made laws having little or nothing to do with the requirements of the Constitution."