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McCain: Improve Efficiency Of Government Cars, Buildings

From CBS News' Clifden Kennedy:

(SANTA BARBARA, Calif.) Sen. McCain said this afternoon, "the facts of global warming demand our urgent attention" and pledged to make federal government cars and offices buildings more energy efficient.

"From now on, we're going to make those civilian vehicles flex-fuel capable, plug-in hybrid, or cars fueled by clean natural gas," he said. "If our great goal is to move American transportation toward lower carbon emissions, then it should start with the federal fleet."

Sen. McCain offered his energy ideas before holding a round-table discussion at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.

He also called for a redesign of the national power grid.

"Our national power transmission system has not been built to match supply and demand," Sen. McCain said. "And the result is an excess of power where it's not needed and a shortage of power where it is needed."

In what seemed to be a jab at Sen. Obama, he said, "Practical ideas are worth a lot more than uplifting lectures."

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who opposes offshore drilling off the coast of California, joined McCain on the panel.

"I have every confidence that once Senator McCain is in the White House, America will get back in the game when it comes to a sensible, consistent and forward-looking energy policy," Schwarzenegger said.

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