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McCain: "I Will Be President of Everyone"

From CBS News' Jamie Farnsworth:

(WARREN, Ohio) As John McCain's Straight Talk Express pulled into the General Motors plant this morning, a handful of protestors had gathered on the street. Some wore Barack Obama T-shirts, while some held signs. Inside the plant at a town hall meeting the body language throughout the room was less than inviting.

Some of the tension may have been because of Senator Obama's endorsement by the United Autoworkers and the AFL-CIO.

"I know that when I meet people here I know that not every one of them is going to vote for me," McCain said.

Many of the roughly 60 GM workers who attended the event sat straight up, arms crossed over their chests. There was little applause or enthusiasm through the crowd. McCain spoke of the aptitude and spirit of the American workers. He also spoke of the need for better education for displaced workers and the need for technological advances in the automotive industry.

"I am convinced that we're not that far away from a pure electric car battery," he said, playing to his audience. "The hybrids are clearly moving into the market in a big way and we are gonna do a lot more of that here."

McCain concluded with an endorsement of his own leadership abilities.

"Whether you vote for me or not," McCain said. "I will be president of everyone. I will not just be a president of Republicans, or anyone else I will represent everybody because this nation is in difficult times."

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