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McCain Goes Back For 50th Reunion


From CBS News' John Bentley:

John McCain is spending the day in Annapolis, Maryland, taking in the Navy football game against Rutgers and celebrating the 50th anniversary of his graduation from the Naval Academy.

As he mentions often on the campaign trail, McCain graduated fifth from the bottom of his class of 899 at Annapolis. It's not clear if he'll be spending a lot of time at reunion get-togethers, but if he does, there may be some interesting discussions with people who graduated closer to the top of the class. John Poindexter, the former national security adviser to Ronald Reagan who was involved in the Iran-Contra affair, graduated first in 1958.

If one wanted to avoid talking about arms-for-hostages scandals, you could steer clear of politics all together and talk to the man who graduated second in the class, Bruce McCandless. He's a retired astronaut who made the first untethered space flight with a jetpack.

Although he was only able to stay for the first quarter, the Middies are hoping the superstitious Republican hopeful can bring them a little luck – Navy is 1-2 on the season, and they were down by one when McCain left.

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