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McCain Distances Himself From Bush As Liberal Groups Release Emotional Spot

As we mentioned in Starting Gate, John McCain's campaign has released a new ad, "Global," that casts the presumptive GOP nominee as having "stood up" to President George W. Bush. The ad, which focuses on global warming, appears designed to appeal to voters disenchanted with the policies of Mr. Bush, whose approval rating stands at 25 percent.

"John McCain stood up to the President and sounded the alarm on global warming – five years ago," an announcer says in the 30-second spot, following a quick-cut montage of emissions from cars and factories. "Today, he has a realistic plan that will curb greenhouse gas emissions. A plan that will help grow our economy and protect our environment. Reform. Prosperity. Peace. John McCain."

Watch it:

Also today, Political Action and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees jointly released an ad in which it implies – as many Democrats have – that John McCain wants to keep fighting in Iraq for 100 years. As we outlined here, the Arizona senator suggested in January that the U.S. could maintain a military presence in Iraq for "maybe 100" years. As McCain has repeatedly explained, however, he was talking about a military presence similar to that in Japan or Korea – not the sort of fighting force now in the country.

"Hi, John McCain, this is Alex," a young actress, sitting on a couch with a baby, says in the spot, "Not Alex."

"And he's my first," she continues. "So far, his talents include trying any new food and chasing after our dog. That, and making my heart pound every time I look at him. So, John McCain, when you said you would stay in Iraq for 100 years, were you counting on Alex? Because if you were, you can't have him."

Watch it:

MoveOn and AFSCME say they will spend $540,000 to air the ad, both nationally and in Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin, starting tomorrow. They note in a press release that "[p]reliminary testing, conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research shows 'Not Alex' ranking among the most persuasive ads the pollsters have reviewed in the last four years."

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