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McCain Defends Bailout Vote

DENVER — Speaking at a town hall in Denver, John McCain defended his decision to back to the economic rescue legislation he supported last night.

“Obviously we had to act my friends," McCain said. “Credit is drying up. People are having trouble getting a loan to buy a car."

The vote was 74-25, and Barack Obama showed up to vote for the legislation, too.

Still, he acknowledged why people oppose the bailout.

“I understand why a lot of Americans were very cynical. A lot of Americans are still cynical because we’re not big government people. We want government involved the least in our lives."

McCain warned that the legislation is “like a tourniquet, not a cure. It will stop the bleeding, but then we have to set about fixing the way we do business in Washington."

Amie Parnes is traveling with the McCain campaign.


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