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McCain Contradicts Palin Record

CBS News Investigative Producer Laura Strickler reports for

Senator John McCain appeared today on the television show "The View" and said Governor Sarah Palin reduced federal earmark spending in Alaska but added that she did not ask for earmarks as Governor of Alaska. That contradicts Palin's record.

When asked by View host Barbara Walters what Palin would specifically reform in Washington, McCain responded, "First of all earmark spending, which she vetoed a half a billion dollars worth in the state of Alaska."

To which Walters responded, "She also took some earmark spending."

McCain said, "No, not as governor she didn't."

It is well documented that Governor Sarah Palin greatly reduced the state's requests for earmarks, but she continued to ask for federal money. According to reporters from the Seattle Times who added up Palin's requests this year, the total is $197 million. The request, on the governor's letterhead, is here and it is also available on Alaska Republican Senator Ted Stevens' home page.

Steve Ellis with Taxpayers for Common Sense said in response to the apparent mistake, "McCain has been a champion of fighting wasteful spending but it's pretty apparent that even though Palin has reduced the state's requests, Governor Palin has asked for earmarks."

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