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McCain Continues Criticizing Obama on Economy

From CBS News' John Bentley:

(MEDIA, PA.) – John McCain continued to criticize Barack Obama for not putting out a plan on the economy in the wake of the current financial troubles; however, Obama did put out such a plan last week, and talked about it again today.

"Sen. Obama has declined to put forth a plan of his own. I'm not surprised," McCain said. "His campaign said that today he'd outline his plan, but this afternoon instead of offering a single solution, he just gave another speech full of political attacks."

Both candidates have certainly given speeches full of political attacks, but they have also both put forth plans on how they would like to stabilize the financial markets and regulate Wall Street. Obama listed six principles of reform today, and called for more oversight and regulation of financial institutions.

McCain has also unveiled a six-point plan, which includes added transparency of the banking industry and more regulatory clarity.