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McCain Chides Protestor, Asks For Bipartisanship


From CBS News' John Bentley:

(DAVENPORT, IOWA) – A protestor at a rally here today gave John McCain a chance to ask for more bipartisan cooperation in Washington. When a young woman unfurled a banner which read "War is Over," (towards the cameras, not towards McCain), the Senator remarked that it was "a perfect example of some people that just don't get it."

"As people are trying to stay in their homes, keep their jobs, afford healthcare, is what they want is for us to yell at each other? No. They want us to sit down together, Republican and Democrat, and work together in this terrible time of crisis," McCain said. "I always give people a chance to talk – I don't always enjoy it, but I give them a chance to talk, and that's what it's all about. So if there's anyone else who has a problem, come to the next town hall meeting."

That didn't mean McCain wasn't going to criticize Barack Obama, though, whom he accused of wanting to increase spending, while McCain has advocated a freeze on most federal spending if he becomes president.

"My opponent said something about, that would be a hatchet and we need a scalpel," said McCain. "My friends, right now we need a hatchet and a scalpel. I'll give you both."