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McCain Cheered - and Jeered - in Michigan

From CBS News' Dante Higgins:

LIVONIA, MICH. -- John McCain talked about the economy, jobs and taxes at the Americans For Prosperity Foundation conference today and was also jeered for his remarks on immigration.

He addressed Michigan's economic woes saying, "Unemployment is five percent nationwide, but over seven percent in Michigan. Ten percent of Michigan's jobs have disappeared this decade and 50,000 people left the state in the past year. Michigan's problems are rooted in failed government policies."

McCain also told the free-market group about his ideas for lowering taxes.

"At a time when it can be hard for families to weather tough economic times, the government should not make it harder. We should cut taxes right now on the middle class by eliminating the Alternative Minimum Tax, which no longer taxes just the rich. It taxes 25 million middle class families, taking from them nearly $2,200 per family."

During the Q & A after his speech, he was asked about his position on immigration and was booed as he gave his response.

"Maam, you've got to be polite, I'll be polite to you. I'll even call on you next," McCain said. He then continued his response when someone yelled out again.

"Ahh come on give it a rest," he said before explaining how he would address 10 million people left in the country after 2 million were deported automatically. More voices shouted back from the crowd, "How many taxes do you want to spend?"

McCain stopped and said "I will secure the border…I am not going to call up a soldier and tell him I am deporting his mother…I'm not going to do it. You can do it," he said to applause before moving on to the next question.

On the bus after the event McCain told to reporters, "That was fun!"

"There is a level of emotion that is hard to explain with this issue and it was evident that my explanation was not going to be heard." McCain said.

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