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McCain Camp Uses "Celeb" Ad In Fundraising

The McCain campaign seems to think it has a good thing on its hands with its new television ad linking Barack Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. The spot, "Celeb," is now being used in a fundraising plea from the campaign.

After linking to the new spot, McCain campaign manager Rick Davis writes: "We agree that Senator Barack Obama may be the 'biggest celebrity in the world.' But as you and I know, simply attracting large crowds of fans with empty rhetoric doesn't prepare a person to lead a country. The more we get to know the real Barack Obama, the more he shows that he is not ready to lead our country."

The email goes on to ask "that you make a donation of whatever you can give to help us air this ad for millions to see."

Davis also sent a memo out earlier today reinforcing the message of the spot – and casting Obama as an arrogant elitist basking in "fans, paparazzi and media adoration." The criticism is reminiscent of that leveled at Democratic nominee John Kerry in 2004.

Writes Davis: "Only a celebrity of Barack Obama's magnitude could attract 200,000 fans in Berlin who gathered for the mere opportunity to be in his presence. These are not supporters or even voters, but fans fawning over The One. Only celebrities like Barack Obama go to the gym three times a day, demand 'MET-RX chocolate roasted-peanut protein bars and bottles of a hard-to-find organic brew -- Black Forest Berry Honest Tea' and worry about the price of arugula."

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