McCain Camp Says Romney Is "Nervous"

From CBS News' Dante Higgins

CONCORD, N.H. - The ad wars continue between John McCain and Mitt Romney.

Romney's latest shows New Hampshire voters criticizing McCain saying he is wrong on tax cuts, wrote an amnesty bill, has not listened to Americans and that he had his chance to make things better in Washington.

McCain's communications director Jill Hazelbaker responded today saying, "Yet another false, negative and angry attack from Mitt Romney. Clearly the Romney campaign is nervous, because they know that a leadership and stature gap exists between Mitt Romney and John McCain - and hiding behind surrogates to do their dirty work won't do anything to change that fact."

Riding what's been dubbed by some a "McSurge" in the polls, McCain is adding events to his schedule today while most candidates are slowing down for caucus night. He will return to New Hampshire from Iowa this afternoon to rallies, town halls and webcasting remarks to Iowa volunteers and supporters this evening.