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McCain Camp Remixes Anti-Obama Video "The One"

Three weeks ago, the McCain campaign put out a video called "The One," which mocked Obama for having something of a messiah complex.

The video, which trafficked in biblical imagery and language, had some suggesting that the McCain campaign was trying to cast the presumptive Democratic nominee as the antichrist.

Now the McCain campaign has re-released the video in advance of the Democratic National Convention. The new version, which doesn't shy away from religious imagery – at one point an announcer says Obama is "sparking the flames of the faithful" as a ball of fire appears onscreen – uses parts of the last video while incorporating new elements.

"And now The One returns to lead us on the road to Denver," an announcer says in the spot, not long before video of Moses parting the Red Sea makes a repeat appearance. The new video mixes in footage of Obama bodysurfing during his recent vacation in Hawaii, and features the announcer saying "the faithful are ready to gather one mile high."

"As Nancy Pelosi proclaimed, a leader that God has blessed us with at this time," the announcer continues. "His hand guides the world. In Denver, you will see the light."