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McCain Calls on Paper to Release Video

From CBS News' John Bentley:

(MIAMI) – After dropping the references to Barack Obama's relationship with Bill Ayers for most of the past couple of weeks, John McCain brought it back up today during a radio interview here.

"We should know about their relationship, including, apparently, information that is held by the Los Angeles Times concerning an event that Mr. Ayers attended with a PLO spokesman. The Los Angeles Times refuses to make that videotape public," McCain said. "I'm not in the business of talking about media bias, but what if there was a tape with John McCain with a neo-Nazi outfit being held by some media outlet? I think the treatment of the issue would be slightly different."

McCain is referring to a story in the LA Times, published in April, that says Obama attended a party for Rashid Khalidi, a professor at Columbia University who has been critical of Israel and an advocate for Palestinian rights. The Times has a videotape of the event, but has said they promised the owner of the tape not to release it.

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