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McCain Back on the Road

From CBS News' Dante Higgins:

NEW YORK -- John McCain hits the trail again after sitting in on the testimony of Gen. David Petraeus and Amb. Ryan Crocker yesterday and tending to some Senate business this morning. Will hold a town hall meeting in Westport, Conn later today.

After raising $15 million last month, compared to $40 million raised by Barack Obama and $20 million raised by Hillary Clinton, the McCain campaign continues to wrestle with their ability match the Democrats' fund-raising ability.

McCain is expected to accept public financing for the general election, an issue the Arizona senator brought up back in February. McCain claimed Obama committed to do the same thing but speculated he might be looking at another course for financing his general election campaign.

"Facts are facts," McCain said, contending that he and Obama committed last year to take public funds for their general election campaigns "Now I noticed in a column in USA Today today, he is talking about other outside money…that's Washington double-speak."

McCain said he planned on keeping his promise.

"I think the American people would expect him to hold to that commitment, especially if you want to bring about change," he said, admitting that he would have to reevaluate his commitment to public funds if Obama chose not to accept public financing.

"We both made a commitment to take public financing. There's nothing to talk about. We either keep our word or we don't keep our word," McCain said.