McCain and Obama Continue to Battle on Iraq


From CBS News' Andante Higgins:

DALLAS – John McCain continued to hammer away on Barack Obama today for his stance on Iraq.

"Yesterday, Senator Obama said well then we shouldn't have gone in, in the first place, and if we hadn't gone in, in the first place we wouldn't be facing this problem. Well that's history, that's the past," McCain told an audience at Rice University in Houston this morning. "What we should be talking about is what we're going to do now. And what we're going to do now is continue this strategy which is succeeding in Iraq and we are carrying out the goals of the surge, the Iraqi military are taking over more and more of the responsibilities."

The presumptive Republican nominee's comments did not escape Obama's notice, as he accused McCain of being the one living in the past. "I want to make clear to my voters in the Democratic primary that I am very confident about being able to make the case as to why John McCain is looking backwards," he said. "We need to take this country forwards."

"He's wrong as usual," McCain responded, calling Obama's comments illogical. "For Senator Obama to say that he would consider going back militarily if al Qaeda was in Iraq when al Qaeda is in Iraq is probably one of the more remarkable statements that has been made on American national security policy."