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McCain Aims Towards Right With Palin Choice

From CBS News' John Bentley:

(COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO.) – Hoping his pick of Sarah Palin as running mate will soothe the concerns of evangelical Christians about his candidacy, John McCain will hold a sold-out rally here today in the hometown of James Dobson, the influential evangelical leader of the Focus on the Family ministry who once vowed he would never vote for McCain.

"It's a better track he's on these days," Focus on the Family senior vice president Tom Minnery told the Denver Post about his selection of Palin. "She is a polished, thorough-going social conservative. That's what's brought life to the Republican Party."

Although he hasn't formally endorsed him, Dobson said last week that he would vote for a McCain/Palin ticket.

The Republicans need all the help they can get in Colorado, which will be a hard fought swing state in November. The latest polls show McCain and Palin neck and neck with Barack Obama and Joe Biden here.

After the Colorado rally, McCain and Palin go to another swing state, New Mexico, for a rally in Albuquerque this evening.

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