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McCain Aides: Nobody Has A Lock On VP Choice

Feeling destined to be the Republican presidential nominee, Sen. John McCain hasn't set his sights yet on his vice presidential pick, though insiders are working to dismiss talk about some of the names the press has mentioned.

"I can tell you from the very highest source," said one insider, "that it won't be Sanford," a reference to South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, rumored this week as a top vice presidential choice. Also, some McCain allies are shooting down a dominant rumor that it will be Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, who helped to deliver his state to the maverick Arizona senator, bringing a crushing blow to former candidate Mitt Romney.

While the leading candidate appears to be Mike Huckabee, largely because of his broad support among the GOP base, McCain associates say that the candidate hasn't even begun thinking about whom he'd like as a running mate.

"Come on, we've got three elections today and many more to come. We aren't looking at that stuff yet," said one aide.

By Paul Bedard

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