Mayor Seeks Missing Husband in Haiti

Editor's Note: "The Early Show" received word Friday morning that Ronald Jasmin is OK in Haiti.

All over the United States, people with family members in Haiti are desperately waiting for news on the fate of their loved ones.

Noramie Jasmin, the mayor of Spring Valley, N.Y., has heard nothing from her husband, Ronald, who's been in Haiti two weeks.

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Noramie and her sons, Ashley Jasmin and Leonardo Jasmin, appeared on "The Early Show" to discuss their search.

Ronald, Noramie said, went to Haiti to work on a home the couple has there. She said she'd been in touch with him just two days before the earthquake.

"He called me and said that he's finalized things to a little touch up in the house, because I just came from an intense election and he wants me to have a relaxed time in Haiti. So, he was preparing things for me down there," she said.

Noramie said she also has family from her husband's side in Haiti.

When she calls Haiti, Noramie said, she is told a communication line is trying to be established, but they aren't having any luck now.

"If I don't hear from him today," she said, "I will make plans to travel to Haiti."

Noramie said waiting to hear from her husband is frustrating.

"It's devastated as you can see on TV -- all the pictures they've been showing -- it's very touchy," she said. "And last night, I was thinking about my husband and I can hear his voice and the laughter we had before, and so many good years of great memories that we have there. I'm hoping he's okay. And for my kids, we've been together coping with this situation in Haiti."