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Mayor Says "Muslim" Obama Blocked Charlie Brown

Russell Wiseman, the mayor of Arlington, Tennessee, wrote a post on his Facebook page suggesting President Obama purposely preempted "The Charlie Brown Christmas Special" with his speech on the war in Afghanistan Tuesday evening.

Wiseman suggested the president is Muslim. Many Christians have embraced "The Charlie Brown Christmas Special" for what they percieve as a Christian message.

Here's what Wiseman wrote, as reported by the Commercial Appeal: "Ok, so, this is total crap, we sit the kids down to watch 'The Charlie Brown Christmas Special' and our muslim president is there, what a load.....try to convince me that wasn't done on purpose. Ask the man if he believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and he will give you a 10 minute disertation (sic) about it....w...hen the answer should simply be 'yes'...."

" obama people need to move to a muslim country...oh wait, that's America....pitiful," he wrote.

Added Wiseman: "you know, our forefathers had it written in the original Constitution that ONLY property owners could vote, if that has stayed in there, things would be different........"

Arlington is a suburb of Memphis. Contacted by the Commercial Appeal, Wiseman suggested the newspaper was "trying to make a mountain out of a molehill." He did not comment on the content of his post.

President Obama is Christian, not Muslim.

As WREG in Memphis notes, one of the mayor's Facebook friends sent the post to the newspaper.

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