May The Postage Be With You

Lloyd de Vries is a producer for and a passionate philatelist.
The Postal Service confirms something I reported earlier this week: that there will be some sort of "Star Wars" stamp or stamps later this year, but a spokeswoman wouldn't provide any more information, other than to say that, "the image will be unveiled the 28th."

Since the Postal Service is awaiting its board's decision on new rates, and that decision is expected before the end of the month, that makes it likely this issue will be part of the upcoming rate hike, which is penciled in for mid-May.

So that might mean the Forever stamp will have a "Star Wars" theme, or perhaps there will be two "Star Wars" stamps, for the new Priority and Express Mail rates.

And if that's the case, expect to pay nearly $5 or more than $16 for them, respectively.