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Mathematician creates world where up is down

Humans can easily be tricked into believing the impossible.

At least that's what optical illusion expert and mathematics professor Kokichi Sugihara believes.

Sugihara has gained worldwide recognition by designing structures that he calls "impossible motions."

The models he develops appear to defy physical laws - marbles and wooden balls appear to roll upward.

A red ring passes over an object that seems too large to fit and a "flat" surface actually has depth to spare.

Sugihara says he finds his research fascinating, but also sees a practical application for optical illusions.

For example, landscaping highways with tools designed by Sugihara could help drivers navigate hilly terrain or steeply curved roads more safely.

Sugihara dreams of making large-scale models such as building and amusement parks, but more immediately he is planning an exhibition that demonstrates the old adage: seeing really is believing.

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