Massive nor'easter storm bringing rain, snow

(CBS News) A huge storm is brewing that could impact at least one-third of the nation, from Florida to Maine, and potentially as far west as Michigan.

CBS News correspondent Terrell Brown reports that, because of the unusual timing, there are concerns it could be a re-run of a weather mess from just six months ago.

Last October, a surprise storm dumped record snow on the Northeast and left nearly 20 million people without power. That winter storm arrived in the fall. Now, there is a spring storm, just like it, taking aim at the northeast.

Both produced heavy wet snow and both happened at times when there are a lot of leaves on the trees, which will cause more weight on the trees and probably cause a lot of these trees to tumble down on top of power lines, and that is why there could be widespread power outages.

The storm system is expected to dump up to 4 to 6 inches of snow in Pittsburgh, up to 8 inches in Buffalo and more than 18 inches in Johnstown, Pa.

The same storm battered Orlando, Fl., with golf ball-sized hail and heavy winds which knocked down trees and power.

"It sounded like a lightning crash, but it wasn't a lightning crash. The whole tree came up and fell on my house," said one Florida resident.

The storm is also causing damage in the Midwest. In Redwood County, Minn., a tornado ripped apart a small farm.

"It was very frightening because I actually didn't have sight of my kids," said local resident Suzanne Schmiesing.

This storm and the October, 2011, storm make it seem like a winter that started early and will end late.

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A woman fishes on the West Branch of the AuSable River in Wilmington, N.Y., after a snowfall on Sunday, April 22, 2012. Mike Lynch,AP Photo/Adirondack Daily Enterprise