Massive "Drug Sub" Seized in Colombia

(Reuters/CBS) A 105-foot submarine was captured in the jungles of Colombia.

The vessel's seizure thwarted plans to smuggle cocaine to the United States, Colombian naval authorities said.

No drugs were reported to have been found on board and no arrests were made, but two automatic weapons were discovered.

U.S. and South American law enforcement officials have long battled "drug subs" which are difficult to detect.

According to a naval official, the captured submarine can travel underwater up to 30 feet and can transport 16,000 pounds of drugs.

The submarine can also travel great distances. It was captured in Cauca, Colombia, and is capable of traveling to the coast of Mexico.

Last July, a similar submarine was found on Ecuador's Pacific Coast. It was 98 feet long and outfitted with a periscope and air conditioning.

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