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Massachusetts bar owner beaten by thieves

CHICOPEE, Mass. - Authorities are searching for two men who broke into a bar in Chicopee, Massachusetts and attacked the bar's owner when he confronted them, reports CBS Boston.

Mario DoCarmo was finishing up some paperwork in his basement office at around 5 a.m. Tuesday when he saw on his security monitor that two men had broken in upstairs.

The 64-year-old DoCarmo reportedly attempted to scare them off.

"I just tried to confront them, that's the first instinct, to defend your property," he told the station.

Instead, DoCarmo was brutally beaten with a metal rod and left in need of a few dozen staples in his head.

"For all intents and purposes they left me for dead," DoCarmo said.

Police have released video of the crime in hopes that someone will be able to identify the attackers.

"We are going to get these guys and put them behind bars where they belong," Officer Michael Wilk said.

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