Mass shootings and the mental health connection

Gun violence also a public health issue 01:13

The cause of the shooting at a community college in Oregon on Thursday is not yet known, but often mental illness is part of it.

The American College of Physicians says gun violence is not only a criminal justice issue, but a public health threat, as well. In many cases, it is also a mental health issue.

CBS News' Chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook reports that when it comes to mental illness, early intervention helps, but even then, often access to care is difficult.

There's currently a pilot program at Children's National Medical Center in D.C. that began in May.

Pediatricians and school counselors are trained to identify mental illness and then call child and adolescent psychiatrists for help.

To learn more about the program and what it does, watch the video above.

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    Jonathan LaPook

    Dr. Jonathan LaPook is the chief medical correspondent for CBS News. Follow him on Twitter at @DrLaPook