Mass. Rep. convicted of assaulting woman, gets 6 months

Carlos Henriquez
Suffolk County D.A.’s Office via CBS Boston

BOSTON - A Massachusetts state representative was convicted Wednesday on two counts of assault and battery on a woman he once dated, reports CBS Boston.

Rep. Carlos Henriquez, 37, was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in jail, but ordered to serve just six months. The jury in Cambridge District Court acquitted Henriquez on three other charges.

Henriquez was arrested at his home in Dorchester in July 2012, hours after an altercation with a woman he was dating at the time.

The woman claimed Henriquez punched her and tried to strangle her several times before she jumped out of his moving car, according to the station.

Hernriquez denied her claims. He was given an opportunity to address the court, but he declined. The judge said she was “concerned” that Henriquez was “not remorseful,” reports the station.

The victim did not speak either, refusing to give an impact statement before the sentencing.

Henriquez was taken away in handcuffs.