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Maryland mom accused of poisoning toddler son with Visine

Gettysburg, Pa. - Police in South Central Pennsylvania, say a mother poisoned her 3-year-old son with Visine. Her other son, 1, became ill when he drank from his brother's bottle, reports CBS affiliate WHP-TV reports.

Samantha Unger, 23, of Maryland, purposely put Visine in drinks which she served to her toddler son in March and April, authorities say. District Attorney Shawn Wagner says the doses were large enough to be deemed poisonous, according the station.

The 3-year-old was hospitalized twice, once needing a helicopter transport from Gettysburg Hospital to Hershey Medical Center. At one point, the boy's heart rate dropped down to 40, WHP-TV says.

"The doctor told us...he won't make it. It was horrible. It was tough," says the child's paternal grandmother, Stacey Unger.

Specialists were able to find the chemical in the boy's system and trace it to Visine. Bottles were tested and the drug was discovered, says the station.

Unger's bail was set at $50,000 last month.

Reports sent to WHP-TV say that the boy is now healthy.