Maryland 3-year-old killed in police shootout with suspect

The scene of a shooting in Maryland that eventually led police on a high-speed chase and resulted in the death of a suspect and a three-year-old girl.

CBS Baltimore

TEMPLE HILLS, Md. - Prince George's County police say a 3-year-old girl has died after she was riding in a car with a man who got into a shootout with police.

Police reported late Saturday afternoon that the girl had died of her injuries.

She was riding in a car driven by her father, who was fatally shot by police in Temple Hills earlier Saturday, reports CBS Baltimore.

Police say he shot at officers, and officers returned fire, on two occasions. The second time, he was killed. Police say six officers fired their weapons.

After the shooting stopped, officers found the girl in the car, suffering from a gunshot wound.

Earlier, police say the man shot and critically wounded two people in Camp Springs. The victims are believed to be the girl's maternal grandfather and great-grandmother.

After the shooting, the man grabbed the little girl and fled, witnesses said, according to CBS Baltimore.