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Marvin E. Quasniki makes his bid to become your next president

(CBS) - Finding yourself burnt out by the debates or disenchanted with the current candidates for president? Then take a quick break with a different kind of candidate for Commander-in-chief: Marvin E. Quasniki!

The tongue-in-cheek puppet for president series of videos were posted onto YouTube by Nerdist who write about their announcement video (included below):

My fellow Americans! My bid to be the next president of the United States is underway. God bless America and God bless YouTube and Nerdist for allowing you folks to watch my official campaign announcement.

A major triple-rainbow salute to Nerdist for this hilarious political spoof! And if you'd like to check out more work by Nerdist, you can go to their YouTube page by clicking here.

WARNING: There is some mild profanity in the video below. 

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