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Marvel posts video detailing what Thor was doing during “Captain America: Civil War”

Thor was notably absent from “Captain America: Civil War,” and now we know why.

“I guess I’m just taking a break,” the Norse god of thunder -- played by Chris Hemsworth -- says in a new video extra released by Marvel for the “Captain America: Civil War” Blu-ray release. 

Instead of teaming up with either Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) or Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor has been hanging out in Australia, getting to know his new roommate and kicking back. 

Things get awkward, though, when pal Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) gets tapped to join the “Civil War” fray and Thor doesn’t. 

Captain America: Civil War: Team Thor Funny Reason Why Thor & Hulk Weren't in Movie by ScreenSlam on YouTube
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