Martin family lawyer: Video "icing on the cake"

(CBS News) Police surveillance video that appears to conflict with a Florida neighborhood watch volunteer's account of a confrontation with the teenager he eventually gunned down, Trayvon Martin, was called "the icing on the cake" by the Martin family's attorney on "CBS This Morning" Thursday.

Attorney Ben Crump told Erica Hill and Charlie Rose that the video refutes George Zimmerman's claims of shooting Martin in self-defense. The video, obtained by ABC News, shows Zimmerman, without any obvious injuries, being led into police headquarters in Sanford, Fla., after the shooting. Zimmerman's father and lawyer have said Martin attacked Zimmerman in his gated community, breaking his nose with a punch to the face and slamming the back of his head against the sidewalk.

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George Zimmerman police video
(At left, watch the surveillance video)

"Thank God for surveillance video," said Crump, "because obviously there was a conspiracy to cover up the truth and sweep Trayvon Martin's death under the rug, and as (Martin's mother) Sybrina Fulton said yesterday upon seeing this video, 'This is the icing on the cake.'"

Crump said the video, along with a 911 call from the night of the attack, discredit both Zimmerman's account and the initial police report.

"We've heard the 911 tapes with our ears, and now we see this video with our eyes," said Crump, "and the family's reaction, like all America, we know now from not anything anybody said but from what we see and from what we hear that that police report is a fabrication."

The emergency call, which captures a person screaming in the background before the gunshot rang out, is itself a matter of dispute. Zimmerman's father, Robert Zimmerman, reportedly said the scream resembled his son's voice. Fulton said she recognized the scream as Martin's.

Martin's parents felt "some sense of relief" by what they saw on the surveillance video, Crump said, adding that they won't rest peacefully until Zimmerman is arrested.

"Don't believe me, don't listen to his mother and father," said Crump, "just look with your eyes and listen to that 911 tape with your ears, and that tells the story."

Above, watch Ben Crump react to developments in the Trayvon Martin case