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Martha Likes Inmates, Hates Food

Martha Stewart has been exercising, reading and making friends in prison, but the food at the minimum-security prison camp in West Virginia is "terrible," the domestic diva's daughter said Friday.

"I'm sure she could give them quite a few pointers, but I think that the budget is so limited that ... I'm not sure how much change they'd be willing to make," Alexis Stewart said on CNN's Larry King Live.

Stewart said she had played Scrabble with her mother during her visits to the federal women's prison in Alderson, West Virginia.

"She was having a lot of fun playing Scrabble until I started beating her," she said. "Now she decided she doesn't want to play."

Alexis Stewart said her mother has one roommate in a dormitory-type building that houses 80 women. The celebrity homemaker has not yet been assigned a job, but in the meantime she has been taking walks, going to the gym, watching television news and reading.

The prison allows her mother to have five books at a time, and she subscribes to newspapers, Alexis Stewart said.

Alexis Stewart described reports that she was being groomed to take over her mother's company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, as "a large exaggeration" but said the idea that she might someday run the company was within the realm of possibility.

Martha Stewart, 63, who was convicted of lying to investigators about a stock sale, is serving a five-month sentence and is expected to be released in March.

On Thursday, Stewart's lawyers told a federal appeals court that she suffered an unfair trial at the hands of prosecutors who incorrectly suggested she was accused of insider trading, and asked an appeals court in New York to overturn her conviction for lying to federal investigators about a 2001 stock sale.

Her former stockbroker also asked a federal appeals court Wednesday to overturn his conviction, arguing "toxic" evidence against the celebrity homemaker hurt his own right to a fair trial.