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Marlena: Happy At Last?

Tuesday was a special day for soap opera fans who have been waiting for years to see Deidre Hall's character on Days of Our Lives happily married. But Hall also has a new role: Supporting musical programs for children, reports CBS This Morning Co-Anchor Mark McEwen.

In Days of Our Lives, Hall's character, Dr. Marlena Evans, has been through more than her share of trials. But on Tuesday, she finally tied the knot.

"The wedding of all time," says Hall. "Yeah, John and Marlena. It is a relationship and a love that has transcended all obstacles, all problems, including a slight bout with [demonic] possession."

Hall knows something about obstacles. After years of fighting infertility, she has two children by a surrogate mother.

"I don't think that struggling with fertility made me want children more," she says. "I know it made me value them and work harder to get them and realize how extraordinary and precious they are and how little time we have with them."

Her interest in children led her to Baby Genius, a classical music collection that was developed to stimulate young minds.

"There is no question in the world now that classical music, especially classical Baroque period music, helps a child develop that spatial intelligence," explains Hall. "One thing you discover as a mother is that every child is your child and it is not good enough to raise one. You now have to raise a world of children."

For more information about Baby Genius products, click here.

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